Marvellous walls

amazing wallcoverings discovered around the World, by Svetlana Filippova for The Foxley & Docket magazine
Wallpapers are being surreptitiously pushed out of the market place by wallcoverings. They come in lots of different guises. A few years back, a flocked wallpaper was an amazing new invention. Today we are no longer excited by wallcoverings unless we detect in them the presence of metal, tree bark, real mother of pearl, or if they are covered with glittering glass beads or textured like a pony skin. Even a textile wallcovering is not deemed unusual unless it is embellished with embroidery and hand painting or shimmers with a metallic thread intricately woven in to its design. We can no longer pop in to the local B&Q and pick up a few rolls of wallpaper to occupy us over the Easter weekend. To put these products on our walls we search for a professional decorator, recommended, trusted, whose name will be on speed dial in our phone, next to our stylist, our dentist and our spouse.
Designers swot in their studios conjuring ever more exuberant ways to impress us, the consumers. It takes gumption to succeed in producing the next generation of wall coverings.
With MOIRÉ design SAHCO, one of the leading fabric and wallpaper manufacturers from Germany, is taking wallcoverings a step further. Transparent tulle is embroidered onto the plain wallpaper and cut out by hand afterwards to create a large scale modern Moire’ design.
Done in two colour ways, the grey/white option is graphic and striking whereas the elegant tone-on-tone look will satisfy a more traditional taste. Used on a feature wall, this will make it the most talked about wall in your house!
For more information on this wallcovering and the most unusual collections from the World, contact Lana at Art of Interiors, Hale.