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We are constantly reminded by our government that our waist lines are expanding, that we need to exercise more and eat less. But are the ministers concerned about our health or are they worried that we soon won’t fit in to our steadily and silently shrinking new built homes of Britain? We have the smallest houses when compared to the rest of Europe. Minimum required size of a single bedroom is 7 square meters and 11.5 square meters – for a double. If square feet and meters are not your strongest point, then this will make you understand why our 20 and 30 year old children prefer to live with their parents rather than attempting to cram their possessions in to a new built home of their own. RIBA’s research established that the average single bedroom flat provides the same space as a London underground tube carriage.
These “miniature” homes present interior designers with numerous challenges. First impression counts. But what kind of furniture could you use in an entrance hall of 90 cm width (the minimum required) to create the right impression? Well, despair no more. Manufacturers across the Globe are in the race to supply us with a much needed selection of furniture designed for small spaces. AMR, a Portuguese furniture manufacturer is definitely in the lead of this race. Their designs are varied, from funky to classically inspired. The common theme is to have wall hanging pieces, as the exposed floor area creates the illusion of space. This new generation of furniture is as practical as it is stylish. Even the sleekest console tables have concealed “push to open” drawers and doors which don’t spoil their architectural form and clean lines, yet they hide away the clutter we can’t live without. They are also versatile and could be used in practically any situation, even as a dressing table or a media unit.
At Art of interiors we have the knowledge and product ranges to transform any space, small or large to a special one with contemporary furniture in a huge variety of finishes and colours, or we can create a WOW factor with one off unique pieces.