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Serip lighting
We’ve come a long way since a gaffer manipulated glass with a torch in a cavernous room, producing the first glass lamps known to man. Where glass lighting is concerned, can anything new and fresh be invented now, since the novel glass forming technique created in the middle of the last century BC? Or is every next collection simply an updated version of last year’s designs? Look beyond the high street shops and you will discover a plethora of imaginative developments, revolutionary to say the least.
If you stood in the lobby of a prestigious hotel and saw an amazing chandelier that looked like tree branches cascading from the ceiling, dripping with coloured crystals and glass resembling leaves, or if you were lucky to board a luxury super yacht and be confronted with a sculptural light effortlessly filling the interior with “liquid” glass elements inspired by the coral, then you have probably encountered lighting creations made by Serip.
This Portuguese lighting company is a family run business where the manufacturing and design is headed by three brothers with over 50 years of experience. The company is renowned for the originality of its whimsical, nature inspired designs. Trees and flowers are translated in unique lighting, artisan made in solid brass with crystal and hand blown glass. Each light can be customised to specific requirements and their quality is recognised internationally.
The Dutch lighting company, Ilfary, was only founded in 2001 and is a relative newcomer to the industry. The eccentric designs are inspired by modern Dance music, with classical touches, and their enticing names like “Tears from the Moon”, “Sexy Crystals” and “Nights in Paris” are well deserved. Their philosophy is to combine the highest quality glass and crystal with a focus on detail so that the products play with your imagination. Lights created with twisted and silvered glass strands forming translucent and tactile sheets in multiple layers simply take your breath away. This has enabled the company to acquire a prominent position in the world of luxury lighting.
To appreciate these designs requires a certain suspension of thought, allowing yourself to submerge into the light and transcend to a fantasy world. Constantly evolving and innovating, Serip and Ilfary products are not constrained by fashion trends and therefore they will never date. Style is unquantifiable even if the price tag is. This lighting is an art form and the purchase of it is an investment. An investment that you will cherish for ever!